About Our Current Non-Profit Partner

Raise Money.
Source Local Food.
Pay Restaurants.
Feed Hungry People.
Based in Portland, Maine, Cooking For Community’s goal is to create a movement that injects essential nourishment, resources and hope back into thousands of people’s lives. We present a novel and ingenious effort to create a ripple effect through our Maine community supporting restaurants, local supply chains, and people in need… all at the same time.

From Us. For Us.
This is an immediate, urgent response to the cataclysmic situation facing Maine’s local food industry, including our world renown restaurants and hardworking fishers and farmers. Let’s keep them working, and connect them with social service agencies struggling to meet skyrocketing demand for help from the underserved, homeless, immigrants, and unemployed. As a result, we will feed thousands of people around us in need. Please give today… the results will help us all.

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